UCM 6208 and charter SIP



Does anyone here have any experience with Charter / Time Warner Sip trunks and the UCM 6200 series

They are on the compatible equipment list but are absolutely just like any other SIP provider. Its your equipment.

I have a trunk from another provider registered just to make sure it isn’t my firewall.I was hoping things would be different with them but they are just as bad as Level3 or any of the others


Yes, numerous sites and with the UCM as well as others.

They usually install an eSBC on site. I have found the installs to be mostly without issue as they like to use peer trunks. If you want a register trunk, then it does not seem to be their usual and it depends on the person on the Spectrum side who is setting it up as to how smoothly it goes.

The few times I have had issues, it has been on their side. If you can read a wireshark capture it definitely helps as they assume that the person they are talking to is the client and not the PBX guy. It also helps to turn off the heartbeat function on the UCM as they sometimes miss it and then that prevents outbound calls from flowing as the UCM thinks their device is off-line which causes the UCM to not send until the heartbeat resumes.


Every charter trunk I have set up had issues from the start on their side that they had to figure out.

setup was simple.
esbc local to UCM using private subnet.
UCM in dual mode.
peered trunk to ucm .
phones, internet, and network on other port.