UCM 6208 Algo Paging and Music


Currently have a client with a 6208 and some GXP2160s, nothing fancy. They just bought 9 Algo 8180’s second hand. They have a big warehouse and want to be able to do paging. I haven’t done a set up like this yet, but seems pretty simple. Assuming they want all the Algo to go off together, it looks like I might be able to just register one of them over SIP and then use multicast with the other 8 set up as slaves.

They also asked me if they could play music over the Algo’s. It looks like they would need the Algo 8301 wired to some music source for this. I assume then the 8301 would be SIP registered and set as the master and then multicast to the 9 8180’s as the slaves. Does that sound right?


Unless you need some sort of zone paging that would seem correct or you could register every ALGO unit as sip extensions and place those extensions in a PA group or groups.

Music though would be via another interface / stream - maybe spotify could work???