Ucm 6204 and gxp 1628 handsets audio over voip trunk


when I make internal calls between extensions the audio are loud ,when I make calls over voip trunk I can hear the remote person clearly ,they hear me but very soft audio


You may be able to get into the phone’s web interface and adjust the TX gain. Just be careful as too much and you may cause echo.


hi i did increase it to +6 with no change (user stil says audio is soft on remote end) latest firmware vs


What codecs you use internal and which one to call outside ?


Does the audio appear differently to different external callees. Do they complain about should they call in?


Hi If used g729 for internal (extensions)and over the trunk


Hi yes when i phone out some callees dont complain some do


Given that some do and some don’t, it sounds more like it is a variance in how the hand-off of the call to the various delivering carriers is being accommodated.

To Marcin’s point, you could try using a different codec such as g711a/pcma and see.

As this is a digital signal, the only way to increase the volume is via the phone’s TX gain. However, this may then cause echo and/or could cause some to start complaining that it is too loud.


Hi after i changed the local and trunk codecs to g729 users has not complained als adjusted tx +6 on phones


I think if you leave only PCMU / PCMA on both the interior and Trunk you get a definitely stable and enjoyable audio.
G729 creates a “muffled” voice and if you have enough bandwidth it makes no sense to activate it.