UCM 6202 voicemail


Can anyone please advise? I have an issue with the voicemail. I leave a message and when I go to check it says no messages. Thank you.


Perhaps too short message.
Try to leave a 5 second message and check again.


Brillaint, that works. One more question. How can i reduce the number of rin gs before the voicemail picks up? Thank you.


Either in Ring Groups > Ring Timeout for Each Member: Place here time in seconds
Ring Timeout for Each Member checked; Destination: Voicebox of the extension

Or if inbound route points only to this device then:
Edit extension settings in UCM, go to TAB “Features”
Under Other Settings, “Ring Timeout” you can handle that in this case…

If you are using IVR… I bet you´ll find the settings now,too :wink:


Many thanks