UCM 6202 system flash is read only


I have 6202. After 1 year of use, the system flash is in read-only mode. I have tryed restore factory defaults, boot to the restore mode and erase, upgrade firmware. System flash retains the old configuration and firmware. Is there any way to restore system flash.


Talk to GS support.

Assuming you’ve correctly done the basic trouble shooting, there was an issue with an unknown quantity of UCM’s where you could only write to memory after a while.

I don’t know if this is part of it but, at least with the the units I had to replace, if you rebooted the device, the email alert I got contained old alert info. Such as SIP lost registration events, log ins, and reboots from months ago but nothing recent.


try doing a reset in SSH



I had tried ssh, rebooting in recovery mode, factory resetting from the menu and using the reset button. Ultimately, GS warrantied the first UCM after extensive trouble shooting. The next two UCM’s, they asked the mac ID, performed zero trouble shooting then sent me the RMA info.