UCM 6202 Ring Group Issue



I can’t seem to get ring group to respect call forwarding rules set up for the extensions in the ring group. For example, extension 1001 is set up to forward to my cell. When dialing 1001 normally it goes to my cell as per the rule, but when calling the ring group extension that has 1001 listed first, it rings the 1001 SIP phone and does not respect the forwarding rule.

I also can’t get the ring group to call contacts in the LDAP phonebook i have set up; my goal with ring group is to call external numbers - if there is an easier way to do this please let me know.

Thank you =)


Consider a ring group as a system owned call. This type of call will not follow the extension rules as it might effectively become “hijacked”. As an example, a member of the group could have their extension rules set to forward to a another extension’s voice mail. This would effectively preclude others from answering.

I am no able to provide guidance on the LDAP without more info of how the LDAP is set, the outbound rules, the connection type, etc.


Hello Guys , My Name is Karl , i need some help …
I use an PBX UCM 6208 , i need to connect five (5) others phones on the different building outside of my Pbx works , i mean , i have 2 buildings we wants to connect via Internet, so i want to know how i can do it , please


Thank you the explanation. Makes sense. Any ideas as to how I can achieve ring groups (or similar) to call some external numbers? I appreciate your help :slight_smile:


Not ringing simultaneously, but you can ring local extensions in a ring group and then send to a dummy extension with follow me settings that ring outside numbers in order.


Thank you for the suggestion. I did just that but also to no avail :confused: all i need is for ring group to call cellphones, I feel pretty stuck right now. I set up a phonebook within LDAP and added the contacts but the ring group just beeps a couple times before hanging up the call. Outbound rules are set up properly as I’m able to call those numbers and even forwad extensions to those numbers perfectly fine.


@kalman, I understand your pain. Unfortunately this has been a long time limitation of the system. The only logic to it is that it prevents a user from shooting themselves in the foot if a the external call is answered by a answering machine.

All I can suggest is that if Follow Me doesn’t work, try Ring Simultaneously on the dummy extension.i don’t believe Call Forward Always will work.

Good luck.


2 try from me:

  1. Make forward on ext to mobile + set option Endpoint Call Forwarding Support on ring group
  2. Set on Extension: Ring Simultaneously to mobile

I do not test it but in theory it should work :slight_smile: t least 1 option is fresh and it suppose to WORK :slight_smile:
@drostoker see Gs respond to your wish in last firmware :slight_smile:


Yes @marcin I saw it. But I think it was not just me that wished for this to be changed. Don’t you agree?


I guess it would help to be on the most recent firmware… duh lol, thanks guys will upgrade and report back =)


Update: it works - kinda, the new allow call forwarding option under ring groups only respects call forwarding rules set up from the extension endpoints. So for example, call forwarding unconditional under extension settings is still ignored, but when I set up call forwarding from one of the SIP phones directly, it called my cell phone. Yay. We’re getting closer to a solution, my only problem now is that I have 5 cellphones that need do be dialled in order for the ring group I need - does this mean I need to buy 5 more SIP phones just for this functionality?


Using the “follow me” feature of a dummy extension you can ring multiple “external numbers” simultaneously or in order, just as you expect from a ring group.

The pain is that the timing is off since cell carriers are slower when connecting calls, but if you put a long enough “ring time” (something higher than the “30s” from the image) it might work for your case.

The key is to use the “Dial External Number” and “Ring along with previous extension/number” to build your “virtual ring group” to do what you need.


Could softphones work?


Your requirement is similar to one I am quoting on at the moment. My customer wants the same setup for their sales /support team who are on the road and found the same limitation.

We need to improve the capabilities of Ring Groups in the future.

I would suggest using the GS Wave app for the mobiles wishing to be part of the Ring Groups. This will definitely work for you.


Thank you, I have tried follow me as a potential solution, the only problem is follow me won’t begin dialing the follow me number until it has attempted the extension that follow me is set up on, so that’s about an extra 30-40 seconds of unnecessary ring time. Any way to set up the extension so it only rings for say 1 second, before attempting follow me?


A directly dialed extension without a phone will skip the initial ring and go straight to the followme options.


Great suggestion, I created a dummy extension with follow me set up, when calling the extension it forwards the call as I need it to, but when I add that extension to the ring group it does not do the follow me it just says “your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check your device”


Right, you either need to send the call directly to the extension or let the destination of the ring group be the extension.


Oh, I see - yes that works! Just want to say thank you to everyone that contributed to this thread in an effort to help find me a workable solution. I hope Grandstream can streamline the process to be a bit easier for those that need external numbers to be a part of ring groups.