UCM 6202 needs restarting every morning


Hello, I need help. I have a UCM 6202 that needs for me to restart every morning. It does not go off at night. It just hangs. What could my problem be?
Than you


Open ticket to grandstream (helpdesk).


What do you mean, “it does not go off at night”?

It is a PBX and as such should never go off as long as power is applied. When you indicate, “it hangs”, what does this mean? Does it mean you can’t access it from the GUI? It quits processing calls, both in and out? Or do you mean that it does both - no access and no calls?


When i say ‘‘ít hangs’’ i mean it is powered on but not operational, there are no calls going out or coming in. I have to power it off and on again to get the process going. Note the issue started recently when we returned to work from locdown. Thank you


Does this include internal extension to extension calling or just external in & out calls?

Can you get to the web GUI of the UCM. If so before rebooting tell us:

  • What firmware version are you on (it should be for security reasons if for no other).

  • What does the Dashboard tell you about the status of the CPU Usage, Memory Usage and Trunks?

  • Assuming you have turned on Alert Events List recording of System Events, what does the Alert Log tell you happened overnight? If you haven’t, turn them on and see what they tell you tomorrow.

That would be a good place to start.


Are you running this in router mode? Or are you running it in switch mode? How many cables do you have plugged into the UCM?


Are you powering it via a POE switch or by power supply. Your POE may go into a green/power saving mode.


Firmware version is
I can access the GUI before rebooting
CPU usage about 2% and memory 13% (at time of typing)
Had not turned on alert events, than you for bringing this to my notice. Let me get to it straight away


I am using POE.


It is in switch and i have just the one cable


If this is after your reboot, please look at it tomorrow before reboot.

Also please advise answers to by other questions tomorrow before reboot.


Do you have an IP conflict?


If you can access the GUI before rebooting, then it does not appear to be hung, nor an IP conflict.

David has a pertinent question that may shed some light and that is whether or not internal calling can still be conducted be it from extension to extension or even to voicemail.

I assume you are using SIP trunks and then - are they peer or register trunks?


Maybe every time he gets a new IP from his provider … says my nebulized glass ball
Perhaps it´s just not registered to the provider :wink:


i am having the same problem… the memory in use gets to about 30% when i have to restart it… the system does not recieve incoming calls at all until the reset… Ours is in switch mode with a static address… have not been having any other issues… once i reset it the memory goes to 12% usage and everything works normally… i am also running the latest firmware. i have to reset it every 4 days or so!


No sir, no IP conflict i doble checked


No calls, internal or otherwise. I have just the one trunk and it is on register


This is my alert log. Don’t mind the date


are you under attack?
what the firewall tells you =
did you put the NAT rules in ACL?



What is providing the Firewall / Routing from the internet side to the UCM?