UCM 6202 can not delete/add Outbound Routes


Hi I can not delete/add any Outbound Routes on my UCM 6202.
anybody help.



from the photo you can see the “delete” and “add” keys, don’t they work? You should open a ticket:


Try deleting the cache or using a different browser.


Hi Ipneblett,

I tried with many browers, private mode too, but not success.


I have never seen “-1” as sequence so, I concur with damiano and suggest you contact support.


Firmware was down from higher version ?


Hi Marcin, The firmware from then upgrade to then try the lastest but not solve the problem.


Go with support, that is beyond what we can help. For me it is corruption in files.
You can try full backup, factory then restore. Maybe it help.



Try full backup then restore but not success. And the solution is reset all.


GS can change backup and fix it probably. Go with ticket.


They can change backup? really? They said that i could not restore the backup without VOIP TRUNK config. Only full restore.


You cannot, but backup is encrypted and GS have tool for decrypt.
I do not think it is trunk problem, must some config we do not have access.


I don’t have any tools for decrypting backups.


GS have.


I inquired, they replied that there is no such thing as


For sure they can fix backups (at it was possible few version back).


I got interested because I find it interesting, but so I was told