Ucm 6202 call to a not existing extension number redirect to extension 0 possiblle?



i hope i can express clearly my problem:

Is it possible to define a extension which will get the call if the caller uses a not existing number?

Example extensions 0, 23,24,25, 27, 28 29 exist depending on a number block from the carrier 0-99

But the caller dials the not defined number 26.

Normaly the UCM will give a information that this number is not correct or something ike this.

But i think it would be better if it would be possible to route this call to the default numbe 0 (central).

Any Way for this?

Thanks a lot for some advice!

Winfried Bernartz


you can not manage numbers that do not exist, rather it creates all the numbers and numbers that you do not intend to use, you have to a desired destination.



Thanks, that helps me not to loose more time on things that wont work,

Winfried Bernartz


in my opinion, it is necessary to test and test all the basic situations.
Once you understand well (it took me 2 years because I want to understand everything), then go to the experiments and tests on situations not “basic”



You can do it.
Use speed dial function in UCM and “create” not existing number there and forward to desired. This is not very good solution, but it will work.


creating the inside without then using UCM addresses to the correct behavior, instead using the speed dial risks in some scenarios of failing to get the expected result.
Creating 10 “empty” extensions and creating speed dials also take the same amount of time.



I think i will really concentrate on the basic functions. But you guys are really kind of “Guru” for me, always some kind of workaround even for such special functions not implemented.

Thanks a lot for your effort and help!

Winfried Bernartz