UCM 6108 Random Reboot


Hi All
Have a customer with a 6108 on latest firmware and every now and then the system reboots for no reason.
looking at logs just tells me the unit rebooted but not why.
seems to be about every 2 weeks on average but can happen randomly.
this started couple of months ago but i haven’t been able to find reason for the reboot.
Any suggestions or has any one else seen this ?



Is the unit powered by poe or power


I would ask the Cleaner to stop using the power point where the UCM is plugged into…it might be as silly as that…

Usually cleaners will use a vacuum cleaner and will need to plug into the nearest power point albeit briefly but will notify you that it had been rebooted.


@Telecomsolutions - Unit is powered by power connected to UPS system.

@scottsip - Wish it was as easy as that - Unit is in a server room which cleaner does not haveaccess to - reboots happen during work hours as well so no cleaner about


Log in UCM show reason for reboot ?
Also UCM can sent mail with reboot.


Log in UCM under Operation log just says reboot device
Log under System Device just shows General Alert and system has rebooted
Cannot find any logs showing why its rebooting

I do get email notifications of reboot - thats how i know its randomly rebooting


That is odd and I have not experienced this type of issue at all.
What firmware is the system on?
Have you opened a ticket yet?


Check UPS, I suppose it possible that batteries are compromised and/or UPS not able to accommodate various power surges/sags any longer. Had to replace my batteries last week.


checks if the fans are running correctly, and that the UCM is positioned in an environment free of humidity and excessive temperature.
Then try feeding it with a POE/feeder (or vice versa).


@NCS What does the firewall rules look like to the UCM ? what is performing that role? and are all outside http/https traffic packets allowed to hit the UCM >?


Sorry for late replies have been testing different options
looks like it is the UPS and is effected by brown outs that happen randomly
will be changing the batteries soon to see if that helps