UCM 6104 station button mapping to an analogue trunk


Need to be able to have access on an extension to analog port 1 FXO ,
to activate the call forwarding to an cell phone by the carrier.
the feature code is *72 to turn on and *73 to turn off.
but the cell phone number changes.


*7x. --> fxo1 outbound route at the top of outbound list.


you have to create a pre-selected access path to FXO1 and manage it with codes * 7x …


I have tried to do this as listed in the user guide.
and the secound account is showing active in the server, and the phone
but the access to the FX0_01 is not working
I did try a speed dial but get a 404 error from that


did you create the route exactly as i mentioned?


yes I added in the *7X
on the test UCM is connected to a analogue port from a second PBX
And call from it route in
but not able to dial out to it


have you checked the permission to use the resource on the route?