Ucm 6104 ivr not working


Need Help
IVR not working when someone calls they see call duration then it hangs up
but ring group working fine


scenario and details?
call settings screen and ivr?


Was it working before or is this a new feature you are setting up? As you have a 6104, the device is an older one, but if it was working before, then were any changes or updates done?

Can you better define not working? Does the caller get a greeting? If they press a key do they get re-directed?


yes it was working before, i upgrade the current firmware and as i mention if select the option to put in to ring group its working fine all incoming call are coming problem with IVR only


As asked, what does not working mean?

If I asked you: “My car is not working, can you help?”, where would you start?

Does the caller hear anything - ring, message, etc. Can you see the call in active calls? If one pushes a key when they should be in the IVR, does anything happen? Is it possible that they really are in the Q and simply do not get the greeting?


my bad
my inbound call setting route to Ivr right now, when someone calling on my number they can’t her anything and i do see that call on active call just like we answer the call it show call duration but it disconnect after 4-5 Second
i don’t hear any ring or and the caller don’t hear anything.
does this help


SIp trunk or analog?


Sip trunk


you only enabled RFC2833?


Call this IVR from any ext, number to dial is IVR number and check if it work correctly.


No it wont work


then you were wrong to create IVR


As a test, create a new IVR while leaving the existing one intact and see if you can then dial that one directly from another extension.


My pure guess: Voice prompt is incorrect.


My guess as well, but I thought it would still show as active call, but may be wrong about that /