UCM 6102 and SIP version 2


Hello everyone

We have a UCM6102 with firmware anyone knows if it supports SIP version 2 ?

thank you.


first you need to upgrade UCM6102 as soon as possible, with your version you are easily exposed to security risks.
Regarding your question, keep in mind that UCM6100 is EOL,


Does it support SIP version 2 or not ?


I don’t think so, you have to open a ticket


The device supports the latest RFC defining the SIP protocol. This is RFC3261 which I assume to be what some may refer to as SIP v2. The original RFC defining the protocol was RFC2543. There is no official definition of SIP v2, but it is used by some in their marketing blurbs.

So, the bottom line is that the 6102 supports the latest official standard that defines the SIP protocol. The RFC is the only document that should be used to determine if a device supports the standard or not. As it was originated in 2002 (with a number of upgrades since), there are not to many SIP devices out there that do not support it.