Two of three devices I own 'device not supported' - where's link to what's supported in GDMS?


Hello All,

Only one of the three devices I own can be added in GDMS
I own four Grandstream devices: UCM6301; GDS3710; GXV3275; GXV3370
-I get an error trying to add my GDS3710, ‘device not supported’
-I get an error trying to add my GXV3275, ‘device not supported’
-I was however able to add my GXV3370 (unfortunately, that’s offline I can’t seem to get that to work)

Is there a support list of what you can add to GDMS?

Please let me know.



GDS series is not supported yet on GDMS.

GXV32xx series is EOL and will not be updated to support GDMS.

GXV3370 : see your other post.

You can go to System -> About GDMS so see all the supported devices and required firmwares.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! As fmarcoux96 claimed, GDS series is not supported in the current GDMS platform yet and we will consider to add more models in the GDMS platform in the future release.
GXV32xx series is also not supported in the GDMS platform. For your GXV3370, you may send us the MAC address of the device so that we can check the offline issue in the server side, or you can capture the trace file and syslog from the GXV3370 Web UI so that we can troubleshoot this issue based on your captured logs. If you want to know which models are supported in the current GDMS platform, you can check the GDMS platform release note or go to “About GDMS” menu to see the support list. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


From my other post:

For the GXV3370: The firmware update was it.
-on the phone it says, get this, “your firmware is at the latest version” (that’s phooey),
-also, at one point, in the GDMS, when I first added it and then selected update firmware, it went to a task, came back saying your firmware is the the latest version, that’s false (if you need it I can send you a screen print)
-even at the GUI of phone I wasn’t successful with auto-update

The fix:
I downloaded the file from site, and
-“manually” updated the phone from the phone’s GUI
-the green dot appeared in GDMS instantly, and it’s now online



Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! If your GXV3370 device is already using the latest firmware version, you can only use the MAC address and S/N to add the device to the GDMS platform directly since the TR-069 option will be enabled and the ACS URL is set in the device by default. The solutions in your screenshot just list the probability that why the device is offline, and if the user enable TR-069, set the correct ACS URL in the device which has the latest firmware version, the device should be online as expected. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!