Trunk to specific voicemail



I am trying to set up my UCM6202.

It has one analogue and 3 SIP trunks coming into it.

There are five extensions and five phones.

Each extension is part of a ring group.

I would like each trunk line to go to a specific voicemail box after a set time.

ie, I want voicemail to be telephone number specific and not extension specific.

Is there any way to do this?

Many thanks.



You must separate all calls and cannot drop to 1 ring group.
Then create voicemail group each for each ring group.


Thanks for the fast reply.

So, if I understand correctly…

I should initially have each trunk going to one specific extension and then create ring groups on the other extensions?



No, sent calls to separate ring group and as exit make voicemail group.
If someone pickup then no need voicemail, if not it go to group.
Or voice mail 1 person (group is better i think, but depend what you need).


Okay! Got that.

Many thanks.


create 2.3… voice mailboxes
in the path (ring group or queue) put after the timeout that goes to a certain voice mail.