Trouble setting up "filter on source caller ID"


6208 with Analog trunks- I’m trying to setup “filter on source Caller ID” to direct calls from the fax machine (x1030) to trunk 6, their fax line.

I went into ext 1030 and set the Caller ID to 5555. When I go into the new outbound route (just for this purpose), and check the box to enable filter on source caller ID, it changes the privilege level to disable.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


That´s normal behaviour


So if this outbound route is only for these fax calls, then I think that I don’t need to use the filter?
Can I just put 5555 in the pattern, then move the rule to the top of the list?

I’m going to test it.


You don´t have to put anything in custom dynamic route or in pattern.
Leave as it is: X.
If you have chosen extension 1030 in availible extensions, then only this extension is allowed to use this outbound route.


So this should work?

I’ll test. Thank you.


The X has to be a capital one:
Yes this should work…


Works like a champ…Thank you