Trouble connecting 2135 to GDMS


I am trying to connect several new 2135’s to GDMS but having no luck.
I have an active account on GDMS
I have added the phone serial and mac address to GDMS, which it correctly identifies as a GXP2135
I have updated the 2135 to the latest 11.3 firmware
I have gone to the Maintenance - TR-069 and input as the ACS URL.
There is no option on that page to enable or disable TR-069 (though there is two options, one for Periodic Inform Enable and one for Randomized TR069 Startup, both are disabled by default, though I have tried with enabled as well), so I presume it is always enabled now?
However the phone continues to be marked as offline in GDMS

Any suggestions please? Do I need any particular port forwarding or anything? It appears to just use standard ports 80 and 443. Do I need to put anything in the TR-069 username and password fields on the phones TR-069 page?
Thank you for any assistance.


Try a factory reset after the upgrade. This should put the ACS URL automatically.

Then, check if your network is blocking outbound connections. Obviously, GDMS uses something to communicate with the phones, but if your network isn’t restrictive, it shouldn’t be an issue.


Ahhh, champion.
Yep just doing a factory reset after the firmware update was all that was needed.
Now I feel a bit dumb for not trying that lol
Thanks heaps :slight_smile:


Dear users,

Thank you all for sharing your using experiences of GDMS platform! If the devices previous firmware version is too old, users may need to factory reset the devices, or put ACS URL: in TR-069 page in devices’ Web UI to make it work. Thank you all for your feedback!

Thank you!