Trigger GSC3570's Output when receiving call


Sometimes the environment where the GSC3570 is applied is actually very noisy, such as a warehouse.

GSC3570 has a digital output, where we could connect an external “siren” or “door bell ringer” so that it would activated it for X seconds every Y seconds while the call is ringing.

This was we would have an external audio notification.

Is this already possible with the current firmware, and am I just blind?

I am not sure what the “Digital Output” menu actually does at the moment, but I don’t think it can do what I need.


“Digital Output” available in both webUI and touch UI. If you have external audio notification device, wired to the DO so the GSC3570 will send signal/voltage to the 3rd party audio device to make it work.

For detailed information, please check out the User Manual, Firmware Release Note as well as the product resource page.

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Current the DO output as extra ringing for incoming call is NOT yet supported. This feature request is sending to engineering team already, and will be implemented in future firmware.

If you are willing to test, please help to advise the contact info, will contact you once the firmware is ready.

Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.


@suportecctv: Test firmware is ready, if you want to try, please contact me vis private MSG and send email to me. The DO will have output when ringing for incoming calls, if this feature enabled. Thanks!


Thank you for the feedback and quick development.
I will contact you directly.


@suportecctv: Is the testing firmware working at your application scene? Any comments and feedbacks for the test firmware? Appreciate the feedbacks so we can improve the product to meet your application requirement. Thank you very much!