Transferring calls with BLF setting using UCM6208 and GXP2160s...Why can't I get this to work again?


Configuring a UCM 6208 after upgrading from a 6108
All devices have latest firmware

What setting am I missing on transferring a call using Physical Multi-Purpose Keys set to BLF again

Attended transfer as well as blind transfer

GXP2160s are set with Physical Multi-Purpose Keys panel to use BLF for corresponding extensions

At one point on the 6108 I could press the required extension’s Physical Multi-Purpose Key for the extension to ring, now I have to dial extension using keypad.

Everyone was used to the BLF key method and then it just went away on a 6108s update and I have been trying to get it back ever since.


All I can confirm is that this is odd. I’d open a ticket.


Well not sure if it`s relevant - but with UCM 6202 and GXP 2170 I hat to do the following:

On the WebGui of the phone:
Settings / VMPK - Setings / Call Screen Settings
Transfer Mode via VPK > Attended transfer
Enable transfer via von-Transfer MPK - set to yes
i`m using Account Mode …by “Key Mode”


I believe that allows the phone to make single press transfers.
Unless I misunderstand the issue, the button is basically unresponsive when pressed during a transfer.


Can you screenshot the MPK details.


Thanks for the help!
I submitted a ticket and after going through settings I have found some GXP settings where the VPK were

Order 1
Mode = Default
Account = 1
Description =
Value =
Locked =

Order 2
Mode = None
Account = 1
Description =
Value =
Locked =


I changed Order #2 to ‘Default’, now the MPK will dial and ring the extension during a transfer.


here you are

The transfer is initiated by simply pressing the MPK while you already have a call.
Not starting the transfer with any other button before.


Thank you! This is perfect!
I appreciate everyone’s help
Take care