Transfered calls stuck on active calls after hanging up



We are an UCM63008A ipbx, And we have encountered a problem when transferring calls between external callers, We receive a call we transfer the call to 2nd person, we hang up, then after the callers hang up the channels used can’t be used after i access the ipbx i find the call in active calls even though the callers hung up. so every time after such conference i have to access ipbx interface and hang up the call manually.

i found a topic with the same problem but there was no answer posted.


What fw version are you using?
Is this happening with wave ?

  • the fw is
  • we do not use wave, this is happening mostly with cellular phones, basically when we transfer an incoming call from cellular to another cellular.


Are you using SIP lines or analog lines?


Note: Similar issue has been fixed on the new Wave release!

Are you using Wave, SIP or other clients on Mobile


As i have said we do not use wave, or sip or any clients on mobile.
the calls are received from the outside and transferred through two FXO lines.


Analog lines.


you must configure your PSTN lines (FXO) try you will see that if you do not configure your lines how do you want them to work, it is important to signal the release conditions and the tones


Thank you, i did the configuration you mentioned and we will be testing. the installation was done by a third party so i thought it was configured properly :frowning:
i will tell you the results asap


I did some testing and the problem still persist even after performing the configuration of the analogue trunks.


My parameters are for Belgium in this example, it is possible to change for another Country, also have you tried phase inversion in the analog Trunk FXO port parameter, in France for example it is common.
Clic option:


ok, i am learning a lot from this thank you.
for the fxo port i let the server detect the configurations, and for the “analog hardware” parameters i only changed the region to match mine. i will do some testing and see if the problem was resolved.


i did some testing again and the problem was not resolved. i am lost here, anyone has any other ideas?



Does the issue appear no matter which side ended the call?
I suggest to capture ethernet and analog traces from the UCM while reproducing the issue to better debug this
To do this,

  • Go to UCM Web GUI / Maintenance / Syslog
  • Set as the Syslog Server
  • From the PBX Modules board, check ALL LEVEL for


  • Save and Apply
  • Go to UCM Web GUI /Maintenance / Network Troubleshooting / Ethernet Capture
  • Click on Start,
  • Go to UCM Web GUI / Maintenance / Signaling troubleshooting and start the analog trace on the connected fxo port.
  • Simulate the issue, hang up the call, and stop the traces.

Download the traces and share them in PM or with GS support to check them for you.


i did log capturing the issue
here are the links to the logs

and here is the configuration for trunks
thank you so much