Transfered call stuck on active calls interface



Hi, i Have a huge problem that i can’t seem to figure out with my IPBX, i’m using in our company UCM 6204 and i also have a GRP 2616.
The problem is when i transfer an ouside call to another outside phone number it works well but when i hang up it doesn’t go through again, after i entered the interface of UCM 6204 i find the call stuck and still going on ACTIVE CALLs
So every time i wanna transfer a new call i always have to manually hang up in the interface.


Please provide in more detail what sort of technology you are using for the lines.


im actualy new to this voip technology , but please guide me to give you what you need


Do you have PSTN or SIP as your lines ?


Which one are you using ?


i’m using SIP


How many channels of SIP do you have access to ?


I have 4


You have a call that comes in and you answer. After answering, you then transfer the call to an external number and hang-up which effectively removes you from any call control as you are no longer involved. Presumably the call may still be active between the original caller and the destination to which you transferred the call.

It is not clear as to what the expectation is when you hang-up in such a case and why. This following part of your statement could use some clarification - “it works well but when i hang up it doesn’t go through again”. What is “it” and what is meant by “doesn’t go though again”.


when I transfer the call I hang up normally, and the call between the original caller and the destination is still going until now everything is good .
but when I get another call and try to also transfer it let’s say to another number it says “the call cannot be completed as dialed”
even if the first call I transferred ended I still see it in the active calls in my interface. and i have to manually end it
I hope you understand and thank you.


How do you know that the first call ended? You are no longer engaged in the call as only the caller and the external transferee are involved. Just confirming as to how known.

If the call paths are limited to 4, then the 1st call is taking up 2 of the four as you 1 is taken in from the original caller while the 2 call path is used to forward out. Then when you get the second call, that is a 3rd call path. Is it possible that another call is already in place when the attempt to transfer is made and there are no more call paths available?


i’m actualy testing with 2 external phones , so when i end the call on the phones it doesn’t do the same in the ipbx


OK, what type of telephone service is feeding the two phones? Does it matter which phone disconnects or the line stays up regardless?


it dosen’t matter which phone disconnect. the line stays up.
i am sorry but i don’t understand what you mean by " what type of telephone service" but i can say that they are external phones


Similar as to what was asked earlier about using SIP or PSTN. In this case perhaps the external phones are SIP, PSTN, Cellular or ?


cellular actually.


OK, then call one of the cell phones directly and then disconnect from the cellular side and see what happens. Do the same with the other cellular phone and see if there is any difference between the two.


I tried the test that you mentioned and everything seems fine no errors and at the interface, once I ended the call it hang up automatically


there was no difference between the 2 cellular phones


OK, the please run a network capture (UCM maintenance menu). Start the capture and then call into the UCM with one cell and answer the call. Once answered and the connection is good, then transfer the call to the other cell. Once that call is established and working, wait 45 seconds and then end the call in the same manner that causes the call to hang.

I will send a PM to where you can send the pcap.


I have the same problem described here,
can you please tell how it was resolved (if).