Transfer to extension, using simultaneous ring


Hello, all. I have a situation where I want handsets and cell phones to both ring when a call is transferred to a staff member. I have simultaneous ring setup. When I dial an extension, both cell and handset do in fact ring! However, if I transfer a call to an extension, only the extension rings. Sometimes it indicates a user is busy. In one case, a user does not have an extension registered. He’s getting the busy message, and straight to voice mail. I’m getting close to what I want with “follow me,” but, I’d rather just have simultaneous ring, as it’s cleaner, faster and more to the point. I suspect I need to hold my tongue a certain way, or utter the correct incantation…but, probably i’m one check box away from telephony nerdvana, just not sure which check box is the magic one!

Using some older Grandstream 2130s plus some newer 2160s for testing. Appears that I’m using 1.20.23 (or 1.20.8) on my UCM6208.

Anyone ridden this rodeo already?

Thanks in advance.



First of all, you need to update the FW of UCM and all the phones,
some services may have been implemented later