Transfer Custom Ring Tones to Phones via GDMS


Is there a way to transfer new custom ringtones to the handsets via GDMS. I’ve uploaded the ring files to the Resources page of GDMS but how can you transfer the files to the handsets from there without logging into each phone and transferring from there. The highlighted note is written in Chinlish.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! When the user uploads the ringtone to “Resources”, the user can go to phone “Set Parameters”, and go to “Resource” in your screenshot, and select the uploaded ringtone in the drop down menu. Then, once the user saves the changes, the new ringtone will be applied to the device.
We will update the highlighted note in GDMS future release. Thank you for your testing!

Thank you!


Is this limited to a ringX.bin file or can it be any wav or mp3.


Dear Drostoker,

Thank you for your feedback!

Supported file format: gsrt/flac/gsm/ogg/wav/mp3/jpg/png/txt. If the user selects the
file type as “Other”, the GDMS platform will not restrict the file format.

File size limit: Bin file/Ringtone – 128KB; Picture/Language pack – 500KB; Other –

Thank you!