Transfer call with handset


“Hold Call Before Completing Transfer” is one of the big things that allows a simple transfer on the WP820.
It´s not convenient at all, that the handling of transfering is different on the DP730.
Now that the look of the units is almost identical, the transfer handling should be the same, too.
It´s not very convenient for the customer to have a different method for such a basic thing like transfering calls.Especially if you have a mixed environment where both handsets are present and the
handsets have the same look exept for the key colours.

Best regards Michael



The handling of basic procedures like attended / unattended Transfer should be as much as possible identical over all Grandstream devices. This makes the whole solution more professional, especially when you have a complete solution, like a UCM6xxx with several endpoints (GXP, DP, WP, GAC, GVP).

This is the same with the phonebooks (LDAP/xml) some devices support 1 entry, some do 3…


I need run some test to compare both devices, we also have DP720 model that need to keep consistent with DP730, I will also test if DP720 can match the WP820 behavior, because DP720 only has 2 softkeys.
DP720/DP730 behavior is derived from GXW/HT phones, while WP820 is Android based which has more flexibility. Thanks for the advising!


Hold Target Before Refer -> P26003=1

I think there is still, check well (yesterday also added the model on Zero config, play with the “P”)


Is there a Model Package to Upload ?


not yet, but if you create a usual model on Zero you put all the “P” you want as always


We are seeing a MODEL PACKAGE for the UCM and have just uploaded and are testing it


This does not change anything…

You still have to go to “HOLD” to set the caller to MOH and then you have to press “options”
then you have to pres 3 times down! Then you have to select “new call” then you must type in the internal number you want to talk to and select “call” And after all this you can fianlly select transfer.
believe me or not,
this is one of the criteria that is ultimately relevant for the customer. There are enough phones that handle this better including the WP820. For each Gigaset, e.g. it only means to press the R-key, to enter the internal number, to talk to each other, to hang up to hand over the call or to retrieve press to be connected to the caller again.
In the time when I have to give everything in the DP 720 or 730, I also ran to the one and can give him the phone in the hand.
And that’s exactly what this looks like with such a complicated operation.
Either the customer acts the same way or he throws the device at some point on the wall and wants something simpler in the operation.
that he then turns back to you is probably rather less the case.
Seriously, I would get a lot of sweat at the client’s briefing in operation and would just wait for the sentence: it’s not worth it for us, is there nothing simpler, it takes us too long …

And really: I think this even worked with the DP715 …

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partly I agree in part no, the same speech for example I had to deal with Snom (I would mention other cases of competition), to transfer a call you have to press 4 keys. It’s normal for them.
So it is not the case to complain about GS, all good or bad have their ideas.
Please note that you can also transfer blindly or with a warning with the UCM internal startup codes (in my case * 2 and # 1).
As you see you have a second choice.


In 7.5 it is easier but it should be exactly like in 820:
Transfer (soft button) -> NUMBER
-> BLIND press LEFT blind
-> Attended press RIGHT (or press green call - i got there blind - still no option to set)

For 720 it is way harder due to no option to change button in call.
I would like to have Option and TRANSFER (on right) instead of HOLD there.
AND option to configure UP/DOWN during CALL.
UP -> att transfer
DOWN -> blind transfer
For example.


Marcin, I absolutely agree with you.
No need for hold Button.If you can choose attended transfer, then the call is also put on hold.
If you want it back press “back” and you´re connected with the call that was put on hold.
Behaviour of 820 is exactly the way it should be.
And this is just a software thing to do.


ciao @grandgrand,
unfortunately the story is the same in all products of all brands in any industry.
Designers often never went to the customer, so they have no experience and should accept advice from those “like us” who are on the field.
Some do it, others do not.
I hope someone from Grandstream reads me and gives me reason / wrong


GS can change this, and they changed in earlier models. From some like 12 button way to 3 :slight_smile:
It can be done for DP i think, as GS add more control from first firmware release.

And i totally agree that they ignore usability, while this is most important for user not just extra fancy something added.