Transfer call to mobile


hi have a ucm 6204
what i would like to do is able to push a button on my gxp 1760w that transfer a in coming call on one line and push it back out on the other line to our mobile

have some ideas but knowing me i get wrong

thank you paul


you mean while the phone rings, press a key and the call is diverted to an external number?
create the Forward key with the external number and solve.
Or are you looking for something else?


yes, need some more info.

Are you answering the call and want to 1 button press divert to mobile?
Divert all incoming calls to the mobile - set a mode 1 option and have a 1 button press to activate mode 1?


sorry this has taken time to get back to you but reopening the business has taken more time than we thought

it so when we go out of a evening in coming calls to one number are redirected to the mobile phone
we have two lines one is the main number and the other is the old fax line that nows work as a back up or so we can have clients ring in and someone can ring out at the same time
thank you paul


Look ‘Enable route-level Inbound Mode’ on the specific inbound route or the ‘Set Global Inbound Mode’ for a whole PBX inbound option. Basically allows you to set a BLF key to toggle Default and Mode 1 routes.