Too many notifications about peer UCM going down and back up



We have a UCM 6208 running on firmware

I set up email notifications to notify if a peer UCM goes down (SIP Peer Trunk Status).

We are getting too many notifications.

I have tried adjusting the Notification interval to 5 minutes, and the Heartbeat frequency to 5 minutes as well.

It reduced the number of notifications we were receiving, but not enough.

Is there a way to have it notify after checking a couple of times whether the connection is up or not?

What is happening now is that it will report failed, then in 5 minutes or so, then it’ll report that its back up.

It does it only 4 to 5 times a day, but I was hoping to reduce it if possible.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



Please provide further detail on your network:

Firewall what is doing that?

  • If it is a firewall, are you port forwarding only from the Voice ISP (VISP) to the UCM?
  • Is your internet connection stable? before you say yes - Voice is real time so any breaks in communication will affect calls whereas you may not notice it browsing the web in general or streaming
  • Have you run packet captures on the link yet?


the notification correctly reports the event, if the condition happens 5 times a day, it reports it correctly 5 times and so on, the problem is not to be searched on UCM but example on the connection (which may not be stable, or the equipment to be verified) or the SIP Trunk on the provider side which may not be correctly set or not stable.
Keep in mind that notifications can be set in real time or “deferred”, you choose when to send them.

p.s.: it could also be a firewall problem, where the nat table is reset (each firewall model has a different nat storage capacity, and the rest time is different). So the nat is “knocked down” and immediately afterwards UCM resets it.
Obviously only ideas.