Tone bip bip for 3s as soon as I activate Transport to SIP TLS


I have a HT802 which is registering properly and working properly but as soon as I set the SIP transport to TLS I get 3-4 seconds bip bip tone before I can dial.
Can I remove that bip bip tone that happen each time I pick up the phone ?
Any possible configuration that could disable that tone that force me to waiting before calling and could impact my alarm system.

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That tone may be what is usually referred to as a stutter tone. If so, then it is an notification method of a voice mail that has yet to be retrieved. It is used as some people may be sight impaired and/or the phone to which the device is connected does not have any form of a MWI indicator.


No messages in the voice mail.
If I switch back from TLS to UDP (SIP transport) then no more bip and I get the tone right away.
Would it be related to the encryption (TLS)?


Not sure, as I have not experienced that issue before. It seems odd given that nothing really happens just by lifting the receiver. The other thing I suppose it could be is a busy tone as perhaps the device is not registered. You can look at the status page of the HT to see if registered or not. Not all providers support using TCP or TLS.


After my last change to switch back to TLS, I just removed the power from the box until the registration expire on the network side then restarted the box and now no more bips with and without TLS.

The HT802 is properly registered with TTLS on the network side.

Honestly no clue but it works now. I will do some tests with the voice mail to learn more the behavior.

Thank you for your support.


BTW it really looks like my issue in fact:

kast223 say: “Even with no VM message I get the stutter.”