To ring busy tone at the end of a call



I use GXP 16 xx through a 3 cx server.

After updating the firmware to, there is almost no busy tone at the end of the conversation.

At the end of the conversation, it’s only for a moment, but you hardly notice.

Can GXP make a busy sound for about 3 seconds when the conversation ends?


Sorry, it is not the endpoint that would generate this anyway. The GXP is an IP phone and reacts to messaging that it either generates when it disconnects or receives when the other end disconnects.

In either case, it is a “BYE” message that signals the end of the call, This will come from or be sent to 3CX.

All IP phones react this way.


I knew it.

When the FW was used, a busy tone was heard, so I was wondering if it could be generated by setting.

It seems to be a 3cx problem.

Thank you.


Maybe, maybe not. It depends on what the other end is that is hearing the tone.