To QoS or not to QoS


QoS becomes essential in local WIFI


Yep locally for internal calls not a problem QOS is mandatory… externally you can only prioritise the input / ouput at the edge unless it is over a private wan link for calls.


Sounds like a great topic for a video :wink:


It would be nice to have a simple best practices guide on configuring nat/ firewall / switches for security/vlan/QoS for the most common scenarios:

  1. all phones and ucm local;
  2. phones at multiple offices with ucm at one using site to site vpn,
  3. and phones at multiple sites/road warriors / work from home not using site to site vpn.


Well said…


That is how this sounded.


Sounds like expensive switching equipment, what are you using to QoS on the LAN?


If you are putting in on prem VoIP and not using routers and switches that can do QoS you should be.


I think I will get a few videos up about this soon.


Will thats awesome mate… which firewall router are you using?


Multiple. GWN7000 is popular these days because of OpenVPN. Protectli with OPNSense, EdgeRouters, Sonicwalls.


I had previously used the predecessor to OPNSense, PFSense, but now Watchguard and Mikrotik are the flavours for granular control under a commercial licence.


I’ve never really considered prioritising voice on an internal network, I figured on smaller clients that gigabit switching would be enough and on larger ones gigabit and VLAN’s. Unless you’re talking MPLS? We don’t have a lot of WIFI phones out there, given WIFI is more ‘hub’ like than switching I can see a potential need there. Prioritising what the router sends to the internet makes sense and we configure that.


“I showed him that simply using ZOOM he had irregular voice problems (he also had a “toy” firewall), but this is an additional “serious problem””

translation problems aside, you have to explain to me where in this sentence you read that I wrote that Draytek are toys :slight_smile:


Nothing more than I mentioned using Draytek and your reply said they ‘also’ used a toy firewall. I am putting it down to a misinterpretation of a post.


ah ok, your interpretation,
but that’s not what I said.
I generalized and I certainly wasn’t referring to you, I’m sorry you thought it :slight_smile:


I (brand new here) have a question about a Zoom & QOS, and I apologise if this is OT.

I’m helping out with a conference, and the Internet (installed specifically and exclusively for us at the conference) is being provided simply as a WAN cable and wifi router.
The room is quite large so wifi will be off on the router and covered by 3 x GWN7660’s.

Zoom will be the primary app for translations (about 100 people) and I am hoping there is a way to set up QOS in GWN Cloud, to give Zoom the highest priority across our little network.

I can’t seem to find anything that assists and hope that someone may have some guidance that doesn’t involve adding our own physical firewall.