Timeout for outbound call


Is there a way to set a timeout for outbound call attempts? Currently the outbound rule is set to _X. that is to accept any numbers and out local extention is 4 numbers. What happened is that when the user tries to transfer a call to a local extension say 1101, but enters 11 , UCM tries an outbound call of “11”, that’s it. The carrier or phone company was expecting some numbers to come after 11 but nothing came. So it just hangs it there at the backend where one of my trunks is engaged fro hours without anyone aware of it.

So is there a timeout where UCM will terminate the call attempt if it cannot complete by 60 secs?


What you mean expect more numbers ?
From description it is external that should drop not UCM. For UCM it is correct call in talk all time.
You can limit call on outband

It is either call established or calling in progress.
Established -> no longer UCM problem
Calling -> UCM drop it.


It should be calling in progress. On a analog world, it is like picking up the phone, dialed 2 digits and thats it. The line is engaged but it is a call in progress. I need the UCM to have a timeout for calls that cannot be completed (no busy tone, no ringing tone) within x secs and drop it so that line can be free up.



On analogue world receiver such call rapport WRONG number, right ?
In sip is same. Call is drooped after 60s if it is not pickup. From your description it is pickup from other side so there is no reason for UCM to drop it.
In SIP you DIAL number all at once, there is no separate digits. Sip will sent invite over and over until it give up.
But it is not happening, you an see “call” in active answered probably.