Time Zone config question


I need to set a device to Hawaii’s HAST time zone. Before I go with what seems right to me, I would like a reality check on the why and how of it.

The why: The manual for my 4248 sez… “Default is set to: MTZ+6MDT+5,M4.1.0,M11.1.0. MTZ+6MDT+5. This indicates a time zone with 6 hours offset with 1 hour ahead which is U.S central time.” Isn’t that backwards? US Central time is behind UTC or UTC MINUS. Specifically, it is UTC -6/-5. UTC +6/+5 is around central Russia.

The How: Hawaiian Standard time is UTC -10. To set my gateway to HAST (and there is no HADT, making it simpler). I would expect to set it to MTZ-10 with no further parameters. Following the logic from the 4248 manual, should I set it to MTZ+10?

Also, with no DST, is that single statement all I need? The rest of the default setting (MDT+5,M4.1.0,M11.1.0) is all DST config.



Does setting to +zones place your date ahead?
I would use -zones


I think the manual is all jacked up, plus I can’t get my 2170 to do anything and I’m in LA.

So it should be -7 now (9-15-2018) and when when we go back to standard time it’ll be -8. I’ve tried “well obviously not everything” but i seems like it and I can’t get it to change the time at all! Never budges. It’s 3 hours off now matter what I put in that field!

So who’s got a good config for us west coast guys?