Time Setting


I just factory reset my phone and reconnected it to my WiFi AP.

When it came up it did not detect the time zone I was in and hence the time displayed was wrong.

It seems to me that most network devices are clever enough to determine what time zone they are in and use that as the default instead of some preset value.

If possible, I think the WP800 should do this as well.



I think you are referring to the auto timezone feature like we have on the GXP21xx phones. It uses IP geographic Info to set the timezone I believe. We will evaluate adding this feature.



We have a love/hate relationship with that sort of feature. It’s nice when it’s what you want and it’s not nice when it’s not what you want. If you have a multi-location office that VPNs or MPLSs network traffic out of a single site to the Internet, but spans multiple timezones (such as our consultants who are around the world but their phones all VPN back to our system in New York), then you have to go undo all the automatic stuff.

I’m not saying don’t do it, I’m just saying make sure it’s easy to change, still. :slight_smile:


I didn’t think it was Geo-based. the 21xx are DHCP based for timezone offset setting. This phone should have the same - and frankly, geolocation wasn’t working well in several of the 21xx releases - time should NEVER be auto based on that - always based on the company’s network time source (derived from DHCP or pre-programmed in the phone itself).



The GXP21xx has both IP location (“auto” option) and DHCP option 2 to control the timezone:


The WP800 does support DHCP option 2:


The “auto” timezone option is not supported yet.



I’ve never noticed that before. We’ve always statically assigned the time zone, which is good since for the past few releases geo-location hasn’t been working on the 21xx (would have caused the time to be wrong as well). They just fixed it in the .101 release (hopefully it stays fixed).


My thought is that the WP800 should have the shot at having the correct time on boot-up instead of the current fixed time that will definitely be wrong for most users.

I have no objections to the other thoughts posed here.


Hi all,

It seems we added support for this in the latest 1.0.1.x build. By default the handset will automatically detect the timezone based on IP location.



“Latest” meaning the .16 we have, or internal build?



It is added on internal build.



Hi all,

Sorry I have to make a correction. The auto timezone feature was implemented in v1.0.0.16, however currently it only works the first time it connects to the network. We recommend to factory reset the device and reconnect to the network to check this feature.





Did you test on v1.0.0.16? If it is and still didn’t work, we recommend to check if DHCP option 2 is enabled on the WP800 and set on the AP.



Yes tested on .16.

I will try to remember to do so in 2 weeks when I get back; I am on vacation right now and away from the office.