Time condition Inboud Route


I Try to find how to create inbound route with 9 time condition exemple january 1, 8 15 22 29 with specifique extension January 2,9,16,29 with othe spec and I need for 9 time
Please let me know are to precess


Navigate to Inbound route. There is specific time in the time condition.


Sorry its not inboud route but after code selection exemple I you have reach ABC enterprise for service press 4 and with this section I need 9 time condition because the call transfert at propely people by condition time


It is:


You make only one condition I need many condition time exemple if on january 2 the call tranfert a the other extension and junuary 3 other extension to


You can add 10 different time condition in each inbound route.
I only show you where to do it.