There seems to be no way to clear a saved wifi network


We can find no way to clear a saved wifi network using the phone instead of the GUI.



Yes, you could clear the saved wifi network from your phone Setttings. But, there is a small string error on the selection of words, currently it will show “cancel save” but it will become “forget” in the future release.

There are 2 way to clear the saved network/clear the network that you connected to:

  1. If you connected to that network, go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Wi-Fi Settings -> On connected network -> Press the middle softkey “Cancel save” -> You will be connected to the next saved wifi network.

  2. If you want to clear other saved wifi network, go to Settings -> Network Settings -> Wi-Fi Settings -> Select the wifi network that you want to delete -> Press the middle rounded softkey -> Option -> Cancel save.



Please change it to “Delete,” since that is a more common English word for what it does. Also, please add a confirmation to this function! We just tested it and it works, but it doesn’t ask before deleting. If someone accidentally deletes their wifi profile with a complicated password to type back in on a phone keypad, then that’s going to be very upsetting.


Also, after entering passwords and other configuration information for the wifi screen on the phone, the leftmost button says “Connect” when it should say “Save.” The connect function is one level higher in the menu and is in the correct place.



Thanks for your feedback, we will note and evaluate the correct wording for this function.

This is our current expected behavior, it will connect to the network after you entered the password. If we change the behavior to save the network after you entered the password and then you connect it on higher layer, it will be 1 extra step to connect to the network.



I’m not in front of the phone right now, but I believe what my colleague was suggesting is that you should be able to enter wifi information without attempting to connect to it. In essence, an add/delete/modify screen and a connect/disconnect/status screen.