The ucm 6200 is reject calls


i have grand stream ucm 6200 and i work with sip trunk , the sip trunk is register but all call com to the ucm is reject but i see all call in CDR . and when i test sam sip data with grand stream telephone , the sip is work and received all call’s with out any problem , and i want inform you " the ucm not work and the telephone is work in sam network "
Model : UCM6202 V1.7A
firmware v :

can you help me


How is your inbound route configured?


i used “_.” to allow any come call and i make destination to extension


without scenario, details and due explanations it is impossible to give you a hand


why dear you say this


use x.


already i tray this pattern but same as problem , i upgrade the firmware from to but same as problem


If you see call in CDR then it was sent to ITSP.
There is problem with Invite packet sent to provider. Ask them what is wrong.


but i tray with data of sip trunk on telephone grandstream gxp1620 and already is work with good case with out any problem , only the problem with ucm6202


UCM is not phone, it have way more settings that can be set wrong. Including wrong data sent to provider during initial call.


you have any recommended remark for my configure in my ucm ؟


No idea
Usually you need fill Caller ID and Domain in trunk + add DOD if needed, but this depend on provider, that why i write to ask them.
You should get info from there what should be set in in some fields.


is that a codec issue on the trunk, i had a carrier change incoming call codec to g.721 which is ADPCM, it wasnt selected and I could see all my calls in the CDR. this was the scenario, I would call in, the IVR would answer, then the call was disconnected after 7-10 second.
if you cant capture the call with wireshark to see the codec, you can try in the advanced settings for the voip trunk, codec preference move over all the codecs and try again


i tray but not have g.721 but select all codecs and move and make try call but reject again


Which code provider sent ? (from capture)


this capture from CDR


Ethernet capture.

Interface WAN if available, LAN if no WAN

Start -> make call -> stop -> share via PM


i tray but not have "share via pm " only dwonload . attach here or you want to send to your mail ?


sent via private message here (pm) :slight_smile:


the system of forums reject to me can upload the file
please write your email to i can send the capture