The port remains OFF Hook when I call and hang up before the call attendant answers


As the title suggests, the call remains off hook when I call and hang up before the call attendant answers, causing the port to stay off hook and not allow further calls on it. We have the HT818 connected to an Avaya IP Office, and I don’t have access to it. I’ve played with the Loop Disconnect settings and haven’t had any success. Any recommendations I can try? It seems that Grandstream sends a CANCEL signal, but the IP Office keeps the call active all the time.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


SIP Message


Sounds like you have not set up the HT818 configuration to match the Avaya systems PSTN line requirements. You may need to change the Avaya IP Office PSTN set up to USA settings and have the ATA set to the same to remedy this.


The funny thing that happens is when I hand up calling from outside like I said in the previous post the other phone starts ringing to make it stop, I have to off-hook the phone. So both lines get busy. Have any other ideas I can test on Monday to fix the issue? thanks for the reply scottsip.


What type of analog device is connected to your HT? It is better to try other analog phones with it.
You can capture and check also the Syslog of the device!

+I suggest that you upgrade to