The phone takes a long time to register


Unlike other phones the WP800 that it takes a long time from when you turn on the phone until it actually registers and then it is another few minutes until you can make calls.



May I know in what firmware are you testing on? and what other phones did you compare it to?



+1 takes a long time from one it is pingable till when it is registered. much slower than other phones (GS)

#4 - i can make call immediate after register.
Phone start in 30s to fully register ?

I do not confirm this problems.


Firmware= 100.14

I am comparing it to a gxp2135



Could you try to upgrade to v. and compared them again to GXP2135 that you have and see if its still too long or its acceptable.

You can find the firmware in this thread:



Hi, Thank you for the firmware upgrade suggestion. That has resolved the issue.