The follow me option as external numbers with a static order. I need dynamic order with a strategy


Any extension that is rung via a ring group or call queue will ignore call forward unconditional rule.

(How to solve not used extensions, incoming calls to forward external numbers (cellular user's number))

if that is true how to transfer incoming call to external numbers with a strategy (random, Linear, Fewest call)
The follow me option as external numbers with a static order. I need dynamic order with a strategy or have a other solution for this situation. :frowning:

I attached now solution.

How to solve this situation.


If it has to be with Mobiles then -

  • Turn on the internet with the Mobile Phone
  • Download a SIP phone software application
  • Register SIP phone software application account with the UCM
  • Create a Queue on the UCM
  • Add extensions that the Mobile Phones are using to the Queue with the strategy you need

Test and verify working.



Queue including only one external number (Mobile number). Inbound Route support only one queue. :frowning: . App and extension solution no problem.


Using a Softphone on the Mobile as an external extension of the UCM allowing you to use Queues correctly.

This method uses the Mobile Phone Internet connection. Mobile numbers wont do what you need.


External numbers using only cellular networks.


Do the Mobiles have an internet connection via data access or are they only for calls and no internet ?


The Mobiles must receive a calls from cellular network line not using data network as 4G and 3G.


Using a Softphone will allow the Call Queuing to work correctly from the UCM.

If the Mobile wants to make a Mobile call they can still do so, if they want to make an extension call they can do so, if they want to receive a mobile call they can do so, if they want to answer a call from the UCM they can do so…

What sort of calls are presented to the UCM ?


Do the Mobiles receive 3G/4G data network connectivity ?


The idea of a queue is that the agents/members of same would be connected to the phone system. The phone system manages the call and has no way to manage a cell call. It does not know if the cell phone is busy on another call and would not know to not send a call to that extension which may then answer the call with the mobile’s voice mail. You cannot transfer a call when using cellular calling. All call control is with the mobile provider and the UCM is simply a conduit by which to deliver the signal,. but can do nothing else about managing the call. Once the provider has the call, the provider has control, not the UCM. The only thing the UCM could possibly do is to ring for a shorter period of time before an answer so as to not relinquish control or use confirm when answering (which you do not have enabled). The key is that the cell phone needs to be managed such that the UCM maintains call control as it would if the extensions were SIP extensions.

A ring group could be used if you want to use the LDAP function. It has less strategies to select and queue metrics don’t matter given a ring all or ring in order being the only selections. Some of the same issues may still happen however as again the UCM has no way to monitor and know the status of a cell phone and some calls may end up in one’s cell VM.

The above is why Kevin is suggesting to use a softphone that is connected as an extension to the system via either the mobile phone’s Wi-Fi or cellular data capabilities.


Thank you. lpneblett.
If Follow me external numbers has random order in period time (may be 5min) then all problem solved. please next firmware included this feature. :smiley: