The default ringtone (ringback) is awful!



It’s the year 2019. I have scoured the forums and found countless posts about how awful it is to have “ringback” as your default ringtone. However, as best I can tell - Grandstream has not fixed this other than a really bad ringtone creator tool (please correct me if I’m wrong!).

We just switched from Polycoms which had a “trill” ringtone. Our clients have always complained about the lack of ringtones, and now we’re feeling it. Why does Grandstream lack the most basic of basic of basic features? This is mind boggling!

That said - does anyone have a ringtone you can suggest that is a normal business tone? Or something similar to Polycom’s trill?


A ring back tone is what the caller hears whenever the other end is ringing. The tone heard is not one generated by the phone or the system in most cases. If it is, then the SIP provider gave a 183 response and you are then hearing a standard ringback tone which was set in the phone based upon the country or locale so as to be familiar to the caller.

If it is analog then it is set in the UCM, but again for the locale you selected so as to conform to the standard for same.

Now then, if you are speaking about ring tone, this is what the callee hears whenever their extension is ringing. The default is also pretty much standard US, 2 seconds of ring followed by 4 seconds of silence. These can be modified, but the other 2 pre-installed ring tones are pretty bad; so I agree with you on this part. I guess the one that announces the caller may have value for those that are sight impaired, but the other one sounds like a funeral dirge. I know it would certainly brighten my day having to listen to a large ring group blasting it away.


There have been so many posts and requests on this forum regarding the ringtones, I would imagine it’s the top requested feature and has been for years now. Your best option to have your voice heard is probably creating a helpdesk ticket with the feature request.

If you really like a particular ringtone, you could always record it and create a custom one for Grandstream. It’s not a pretty process, but it can be done.


I have submitted a ticket but they have no clue what I’m talking about. This is incredibly frustrating. This is akin to a new car not coming with a steering wheel. Why would they leave out such a basic feature?

If anyone reading this has either A) a frequency setting or B) a wav file for a ringtone that sounds remotely like a standard ringtone that every other desk phone in America uses…please send me a message. I would greatly appreciate it!


You could try one of these

And then use the Grandstream Ring Tone Tool to convert it to a .bin file for distribution via Zero Config.