TFTP Upgrade Failing



When upgrading via TFTP the phone shows the upgrade bar going past the end of its progress bar and then hangs so the phone has to be powered off/on to recover.

Upgrading via http works fine.



Could you please advise the firmware which you were upgrading from and to?




We also noticed a problem when upgrading from to via TFTP. It is possible the zip package was corrupted during upload so we have re-upload a new package. The link remains the same.



It was the stock firmware which was either or (can’t quite remember) but to
Il will try the next upgrae via TFTP when it becomes available and feed back results also.



It appears that TFTP may have had some issues on as we noticed it was working intermittently from our testing as well but should be resolved in Also I just want to let you guys know that the GRP2614 does support the GDMS platform. Starting firmware, you can use GDMS to provision the device and manage future firmware upgrades.

Here’s the link to sign up for the GDMS service: