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@GSSupport74, I have only played a little with GDMS and have a couple of questions that I was hoping you could answer for me (I don’t have enough time to experiment, so I am trying this shortcut.

The UCM Zero Config allows us to apply a Global Template to all devices as well as multiple templates to the same device in a hierarchy. Can you please explain how this can be done across a GDMS Organization as well as per device. Same for an Organization, Site and Device.

Also, @bvanmeter indicated in today’s webinar that you can use a combination of Zero Config and GDMS to manage a device. Can you explain how that would be accomplished.



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Thank you for using GDMS platform!

For the Global Template request, in GDMS platform, you can create Model Templates for the devices in a specific site to achieve this purpose. For example, you want your GRP2614 in your organization 1, site A to provision a certain template, you can go to organization 1, and create a Model template of GRP2614 such as named “GRP2614provision” for the GRP2614 devices in site A. Then, once the GRP2614 devices in site A are online in GDMS platform, the template “GRP2614provision” will be pushed into these GRP2614 devices automatically.

For the question from @bvanmeter, could you describe the request in details? GDMS platform has multiple solutions and methods to manage multiple devices, and you can describe this test scenario in details, and I can help to explain it. Thanks for your feedback.

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@GSSupport74 that is fine for the global policy then. But now how do I layer on specific templates for each phone; note under the Zero Config scenario I can layer on multiple templates in a hierarchy and that is what I’d like to be able to do here.

@GSSupport74 what I am asking about is how I can use GDMS to push part of the phone configuration and then do the rest from the UCM Zero Config. For example, in one of my sites the client wants the ability to manage the BLF keys. How could I do most of the config via GDMS and leave here to use Zero Config to do the rest. [Ignore for the moment that this may be able to be done via GDMS as this involves other complexities and issues.]

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Dear user,

Thank you very much for your feedback! It is possible for users to push part of configuration to the device, and do the rest from the UCM Zero Config. Since the UCM Zero Config is based on SIP protocol, and the GDMS platform is based on TR-069, so that it is possible for users to implement this method.

Users can create model template (GDMS -> Template -> Add Model Template) with the preferred configuration, and push the preferred selected configuration to the device, then do the rest from UCM Zero Config. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thank you.

Now can you explain how to do this?


Dear user,

You can go to GDMS platform -> Log in GDMS platform -> Click on “Template” -> Click on “By Model” -> Click on “Add Model Template”, fill in the template name in “Name” blank, select your device model in “Model”, select “None” for option “Auto Provision to Devices in”, and click “Save” button to save the model template. Then, you will be directed to select your preferred options. For example, you can check the “Account” settings involved options, configure the options and save the settings. Then, push the model template to your select device which has been associated with GDMS platform. Your device will be provisioned via GDMS platform in this way.

When done, go to UCM Zero Config and create the global template for this device, and provision the device with UCM Zero Config path. I think this method will help you to provision your device from GDMS platform first, and then provision from UCM Zero Config.

Since the UCM Zero Config is based on SIP protocol, and the GDMS platform is based on TR-069, so that it is possible for users to implement this method. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thank you for your response. From what you wrote it looks like you haven’t tested this as yet. If this is correct, would it be possible for someone to test this in your lab as part of your Beta testing. GDMS/UCM interoperability is something, IMHO, that needs to be fully worked out before going GA.

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Dear user,

Thank you for your testing! We will verify this test scenario and get back to you soon. Could you let us know if you encounter any provisioning issue in this test scenario?

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We tested this feature today. When the user finishes pushing configuration to the device via GDMS platform, and then tries to push the configuration through UCM Zero Config, the different configuration can be pushed into the device successfully with both different methods. If there is one setting conflict, which means GDMS template and UCM Zero Config template include the same parameter, the device will apply the latest configuration in device.

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Thank you @GSSupport74.


You are very welcome! Thank you so much for your testing!

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