Template not pushing to phones consistently


I am trying to manually push a template to multiple 2135’s and getting inconsistent results.
I am trying to push the template of changes to for example 8 phones.
On 1 phone (A), the push goes through immediately as expected.
On 6 phones (B-G), the push gets stuck as an “ongoing” task, and remains there until I walk over and pull the power out of the phone and reboot it. On reboot, the template is applied correctly.
On 1 phone (H), the template will not apply at all, even after trying the reboot method that works OK on the 6 other phones.
I am curious why all the changes do not push through immediately like on 1 of the phones?
If I don’t reboot the phones (or in the case of the last one, even if I do), the task remains as “Ongoing” before finally failing with a “timeout” message after 10 or 15 minutes.
All phones were initially configured from the same auto-provisioned template, and all are plugged into the same LAN, so all phone settings and all network port (firewall etc) settings should be identical.

I have tried the last phone (H) plugged in in place of A (to rule out cabling or something), and giving it a factory reset and re-provisioned it from the original auto-template, and then pushed a template of a couple of changes to it, and no difference. It just remains as an Ongoing job until it times out, even after rebooting the phone. The phone functions fine however, calls out, gets calls in, transfers, etc.

Any ideas?


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! Could you kindly help to confirm if the email address below is your registered account email:

We noticed that there are 3 devices are associated with GDMS platform successfully, and others are timeout. We need to ensure the logs we found are involved your devices before troubleshooting this issue.

Thank you!


Sorry for the delay, I have been off work for a few days.
Yes that is the correct email address.