Template DP752/DP750


hi @Shawn-GSSupport424,

a couple of questions if I can:
1 - if I understand correctly the same firmware is valid for both DP750 and DP752?
2 - I saw that the template for DP750 you have yet to publish the old, both for DP750 and DP752 are the new templates? Or with the new fw you have “discontinued” the use of templates?

no .: I ask this because I normally program the product GXP, DP etc … through the modification of the “P”, and I would need the updated templates, which I do not see.
the release notes of DP752 are also missing



Hi Damiano,
The config template will be updated to early next week. we most likely will keep DP750 and DP752 in a single template as they are the using the same firmware.


ok then I wait for the updated templates, thanks


It would be nice to have a list of P-codes that are only working for new models (like new functions) to ease programming of these!


@fmarcoux96 if I understand what you are asking for, there are already updated templates, at the top there are the new functions, then the new “P”