Teams Alternative to Integrate to Grandstream


Has anyone found a good teams type software that you have integrated into your Grandstream system to offer your customers more than just PBX functionality? I would like to extend my offerings to my clients by offering a Microsoft Teams type software in which I can run the calls etc through the Grandstream via SIP.

Has anyone found anything that works well or done this?

Thank you in advance.


Do some research on Ring2Teams by Litebeam/Excel Telecom. They integrate with pretty much any PBX but they built it for 3CX.


Can you please provide a link for “Ring2Teams”? I cannot find anything.


Hi There, luke here from Litebeam/Excel Telecom. Happy to send over some info on this if you have an email or want to add me on linkedin.

If you search for Luke Turner (Excel Telecom)




Ring2Teams - is that a plug in that works with Teams?


It’s a proprietary SBC that sits between the PBX and Teams. It requires a small setup but works really well. It’s a per-Teams user pricing.

Contact Luke by email to get more info. If you’re in Canada, I can help.