Tagging phone and pc port on separate vlans



Hi there, We are new to IP telephony. We just purchased a UCM6102 and some 1405 phone sets.

We wish to use vlan22 for data, and vlan2600 for phone, configured on our Cisco 2960 switch.

Our initial setup seems to be working, when we have the phones and the lan port of the UCM6102 connected to network ports on the phone vlan, and the pc’s and WAN port of the UCM6102 connected to network ports on the data vlan.

But… this makes it so we have to have twice as many switchports occupied. It would be nice to use the “Pc port” on the phone to pass the traffic through. Can someone point me to a description of how to configure either the phone or the UCM such that the phone’s packets are tagged with vlan2600, while the PC connected to the phone’s PC port has it’s traffic tagged as vlan22, or perhaps is untagged and we use native vlan on the port? This would presumably go into a trunk port on our switch.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


AFAI phone tag only his packets, rest is transmitted without change.


Did you ever get this working?


Does anyone have an answer to this? I’m in the same scenario


From a ticket I opened:

  • Network --> Advanced Settings --> Layer 2 QoS 802.1Q/VLAN Tag: enter the voice VLAN number

You can also make the same setup for data VLAN in the PC Port VLAN Tag setting.

Only on newer firmware though.