T1 PRI Blue alarm


I have a PRI configured and everything inbound outbound calls work. However I am getting the Blue alarm on the T1 port also all of my channels show blue . I went through line by line with my provider and all setting are correct for their services.


Where are you seeing the blue “alarm”? If on the UCM, hover your cursor over it and see what the explanation is.

It is a status and available is normal.


Please see the attached two images when i hover over the ports. From what I read on the manual Blue T1 port indicates timeslot errors? Where as the blue channel means connected and in ringing status. Would I now want this to all be green?

Thank you


Please check again -

Please note the icon difference -


LOL thank you so much was banging my head Guess thats what happens when I was looking at an older how to.


Sorry one last question why would my channels show blue for ringing even when they are idle?


Blue is not ringing. Yellow is .