System Won't Pickup my 2nd analog trunk


Hey everyone, I am having an issue installing a new system. (thanks for all the help from everyone on my other posts!)

I am installing a new system for my church. UCM6204. They have 2 analog trunks I have connected to FX01 and FX02. I have setup the trunks as well as my inbound routes. I can dial the number connected to FX01 and the system will answer the phone and pass the call onto my Ring Group destination for incoming calls. However, if I dial the analog line that is attached to FX02 - the system will NOT answer the line. I cannot figure out why. If I plug that analog line directly into a non-phone system analog phone and dial it, the line will ring and I can answer it. As soon as I plug it into FX02, I cannot get the system to answer it. I have Inbound routes setup for both FX01 and FX02 as I have them each setup as separate Analog Trunks.

RE: the line connected to FX02. It is also being used for DSL and is being split at the demarc. I don’t know if this could have any impact?

What could be prohibiting the system from picking up my FX02 line when I dial in?

Thank you so much! Please let me know any other information I can supply to help.


Ring detection is not set right on the fxo - i had it on a PSTN connection before and changed it to make it work with Australian line signals before it worked.

I cant remember where it is alas my unit that I test with has been fried for over a month now and waiting a replacement.


I figured out that this was not picking up because I had the “Use Caller ID” option turned on for the trunk, and it turns out we aren’t paying for caller ID on that line. I have removed it for now and will probably call and have ATT add caller ID for us. Thank you for your help!!


OK I spoke too soon. Now with the Use Caller ID option turned off I get a half ring on all my phones, then something with the system is answering and the dialing party (my cell phone) is just hearing static.


Did a little more digging and now see that I have a WP820 wireless phone that is for some reason immediately auto answering the call. I am researching to see if I can find out why.


There is auto answer feature on phone.