Swap BACK and SELECT (Becoming SAVE) Buttons


As you go deeper in the phones menus, the screens move from right to left, yet the ‘back’ button is on the right side (not on the side the previous menu was slid to).

Recommending BACK be on the left side and SAVE be on the right side (currently labeled SELECT, but in theory that’s changing).

Swapping the button placements flows more with the actual user interface.

UI Bug / scrolling & menu navigation


I just want to make sure if I understand you correctly.

  1. So, you said that the ‘BACK’ button on the first layer is on the left softkey and when you go deeper the ‘BACK’ button switch to the right softkey?
  2. You want to ‘BACK’ button always on the left softkey and replace ‘SELECT’ to ‘SAVE’ on the right softkey on all layers of settings menu?



I’m saying that when I look at the menus, BACK is currently on the right, but the way the menus physically move (their motion), BACK is technically on the left, so the BACK button should be on the left and SELECT/SAVE should be on the right (indicating going deeper into the menus, which motions from the right).

The way it is now, the softkeys are reversed to the menu’s motion.


I’ll add my bit here:

The assumption is that you are right handed, and punching buttons with your right hand while holding the phone. In which case, the “back” button being on the right make sense.

However, @GS.Will is saying that it makes more sense to have the back button on the left, since that matches the way the screen slide (the “previous” screen is to the left of the one you’re looking at, so the “back” button should be on the left).



There are so many peoples are debating about this issue already whether the “BACK” button should be on the left softkey or on the right softkey. We are still trying to gather all possible feedback for this issue.

We are open to more feedback regarding this issue.



I’m not concerned with right/left handed - I’m more thinking about continuity of the UI. If it were really focused on right/left handed, the proper implementation would be a setting (Orientation: Right Handed/Left Handed) and the entire interface would adjust based on that.

I don’t really think that’s necessary, just continuity with the UI.


My colleague wasn’t saying there should be a left handed or right handed choice, just that the world is built for right handed people and by default, that means that the “back” button is almost always on the left side. In this case, it’s on the right. Which is inconsistent.


As a left handed person, I concur.



We have noted these comments.



Rick, an addition to this…

I noticed as you’re navigating menus, if you get to an item that has controls on that page (such as Bluetooth On/Off), then when you land on it you can use left/right to select through the options…

So, the same logic would hold that when you got to a menu item that had a sub menu, you should be able to hit the right arrow button (since it’s showing an arrow to the right), but that does NOT do anything. You actually have to hit the center button to select it.

right arrow should allow you to go into a sub menu, since left/right arrows allow selection of items normally within the menus.



We will evaluate the possibility of using the left and right keys to navigate the sub menus.



@service saw my related post and pointed me here. My notes are here:

It’s a little more than left and right in my opinion - it’s also got to do with scrolling wrap around form top to bottom vs top to middle vs. top not allowing you to go up.

Basically the navigation system doesn’t seem to be using universal code underneath.