Support for High-End IP phones GXP21XX


Got 2615 and 2170 recognized . But a little confused. No templates in Gdms? How do you program vmpk for blf?


Click the gear icon, then It’s under settings, Programmable Keys.


Ok. Thanks. Now how do I create a template? I hit a 2615. The zero config does not work but so far the Gmds works nicely manually. Hiw do I create a template to automate the process for other phones ? How can I save a config file to create a template .


I had another issue with the 2615 . When I created the account , the phone showed as registered . If I called from another extension , I saw it pop up on the screen but I got a message that the party is busy . I also couldn’t call out as if the extension was disabled. As soon as I configured a few mpk.keys and hit save then it uploaded the blf keys and the account started working normally .


just noticed 1 more issue on the 2615. It seemed to program fine from the GDMS . But the Call park or hold or transfer buttons dont work . It just loses the call . I programmed it as a remote extension for an offsite UCM . I will have to try it with my on site UCM and see if anything changes .


Dear users,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! We have not announced the compatible firmware for GXP21xx series yet, which means we still work on preparing the compatible firmware for GXP21xx series. For Beta testing, GXP21xx is stable, and Beta testers could use this firmware to test GDMS platform services. If you encounter any compatible issue, please let us know and we will resolve the issue asap. Thanks for all your testing!

Thank you!


I am using a new 2615 phone , not a 2170.


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Dear Whis,

Thank you for your testing! You can create templates from Template -> By Model/By Group/By CFG, then click on “Add” button to create the template. If you want that your GRP2615 can be provisioned automatically, you need to create model template, and select the site which includes your GRP2615 device. For your second request, when you finish provisioning the parameters to GRP2615 via GDMS platform, and the SIP account got registered successfully, the call issue should be caused by your SIP server or your operations, GDMS platform will not affect your call quality in your case. If you already finish provisioning, please kindly help to post this issue in the forum for GRP models:

Thanks again for your testing! If you encounter any issue about provisioning, please feel free to let us know it.

Thank you!