Support for High-End IP phones GXP21XX


We are mainly deploying the High-End IP phones GXP21XX, do you have a ETA for when we will be able to test the High-End IP phones GXP21XX with GDMS?


Probably a while, they have a LOT of models to include and before that they are converting from P-codes to aliases.


Is it possible for me to upload the custom models and create the template for GXP21xx models?

Mostly we are using GXP2170 and GXP2135…


Not at the moment because the GXP21xx firmware needs to be updated to support GDMS. Right now it doesn’t.

Also, the UI doesn’t allow the creation of templates for unsupported models.


Ok…thanks and I will wait for it then.


Dear users,

Thanks for using GDMS platform!

We have plan to support the High-End IP phones GXP21xx in the soon future, we are also working on preparing the products templates and we will support GXP21xx devices soon for sure. Thanks for your patient.

Thank you!